So, I’m stuck. Stuck with the **Thanx** Project. Not in a “bad” way, just in a “I need to get over this hurdle” sort of way. I have a particular dilemma in terms of *what* I need to do *in* the code, instead of the code itself, that is giving me an issue.nnI think what is comes down to is programming language choice(s). I have been using simple HTML/CSS/JS/PHP, simple, basic, “whatever” type of stuff. And what I *think* I would need is something slightly more advanced to accomplish what it is that I want to accomplish. That’s always been my chief complaint with CS: too many damn languages. LOL! Like, it should all just be one, big, consortium of all possibilities under one roof and call it “mega markup”, or something like that, haha. nnSo, for what it is that I am wanting to do (specifically) is to make a lo-fi DM (Direct Message) capability for **Thanx**. I’ve described what **Thanx** is/does (or *will* do) before here on this blog in the past, so I will not go into all that, but, I need something similar to a DM process that you would find on Mastodon (if they still have that feature?) or Twitter, and get a grounding (mentally) for what I have to do to make what I want to make work, work.nnRuby? Python? C? Hell, I have no idea, but I need to look into it.nnBack laternn#dev

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