I am having nice hot coffee this morning. Folgers instant. And before that I slammed a 1/2 Liter of cold tap water (tap water kind of guy, as I don’t see myself allocating X amount of dollars for bottled water for the apartment). But I’ve been feeling a tad weird/off as of the past day. And I think that it due to excessive bloating. I happened to buy more carb-y products than usual (both white bread *and* rye bread *and* bagels), and I consumed a good amount of it in a short-ish period of time, and starchy carbs will always do that to me (make me bloated). It’s one of the worst feelings. nnSo, I am going to take down the starchy carb intake down a notch (not doing “Atkins” or “South Beach” or “keto” or any other organ-damaging fad/crash diet – I just need to not eat SO MANY carbs in a week). nnThe weight is good/stable. I do not weigh myself on a daily basis (in fact, I barely weigh myself on a weekly basis), but instead, just sort of “keep tabs” on where I am, ballpark. I am 197 (or, I will call it mid-190s), and I am good with that (*of course* I am good with it – down from 244 2 1/2 years ago!). And the walks continue (morning jaunts, as well as longer walks/hikes when my feet are not sensitive from healing blisters). So I am doing great. The carb intake has gotta be tampered down though, for sure.nnAnyway, it is June 8. 8:00 AM. Rained a bit, and more on the way.nnback later

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