PDAnet+ hasn’t updated their documentation to support macOS Monterey, yet, so me (and all their other Monterey using customers) are left high and dry. nnAlso (somewhat related), I cannot sign-in to iCloud right now, because iCloud is insisting I reset end-to-end encrypted data in order to do so. So, I cannot get to the Mac App Store in order to see if there has been a PDAnet+ update *there* and just not on their website.nn[*5 minutes later*]nnOK, I reset E2EE data so I can re-access the Mac App Store, and the Mac App Store seems to be working OK. I downloaded PDAnet+ for Mac, and all it does is ensure that I *stay* DISconnected from the Internet. If I close the app (on Mac), and reset the app on Android – things (the Internet) seem to work OK. WTF?nnSo, they need to update their stuff for Monterey (last update to the app was 11 months ago, which sucks).nnIn the meantime, I still have my half-baked workaround to use the Internet on the MacBook, just not a **full featured** Internet on here.nnWhat a pain

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