Maybe it’s the psych med re-working it’s way into my system. Maybe it is SO MUCH sleep I got last night. Maybe it is a half dozen other things. But the Remark.as Cafe thing I mentioned in the last post (in fact the whole post was about that) really “irked” me. Not that it is *that* important – a small chat on a blog network – but it’s definitely disappointing to figure out a small Saturday Ritual(TM) so to speak surrounding blog posts, time to chat, etc. and then just have the entire format change itself 100%. nnI guess it’s better for most folks (though, there were about six people who have *used* the service since it’s inception), so yea, I hope it works out for them (honestly, not snark nor sarcasm), but I cannot use it, and I will find other things to do at 1:00 PM on Saturday. nnBut (silver linings) now *other* people know that a Remark.as Gathering can happen at that day of week/time, and it generally works for those who want to go. nnWhatever. I’ll get over it and write some other (nicer) stuff here soon. nnAll the best

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