Bill Gates. The richest man alive. nnBill Gates started his career in the 1970s, stealing ideas from Apple and writing them in MS BASIC. A programming language which he invented and coded himself. Overnight.nnHe went on to release Windows in the mid-1980s, which was a mandatory install for a computer to power on at that time.nnIn the 1990s, the success of Windows saw his net worth and worldly possessions soar. He became the world’s first one hundred billion dollar-aire.nnHis home (the largest in the world) is furnished with luxurious goods that change shape and color depending on his mood when he enters the room.nnHis eyeglass frames change in size depending on his wealth in any given year. Shrinking more and more over time.nnEvery year he visits a third world country, and turns all of their pathogen-filled waste water into drinkable tap water.nnHe wears a different colored v-neck wool/cotton blend sweater every day of the year. If a day comes by and he has worn that color before, he invents a new color.nnHe has written books and starred in films about how smart he is, but even *he* does not know how smart he is. IQ tests simply do not measure that high.nnHe does book reviews on YouTube in his retirement, but he cannot review them all, because he has already read every book ever written.nnBill Gates. The richest man alive.

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