As I sat here, and the thermostat registered 75F in my apartment, and I could clearly *feel* it was no more than 70, I wondered what I was going to do about the cold, cold Winter fast-approaching. Yes, everyone said to get blackout curtains (or, *thick* curtains, because they do not necessarily have to be the color black, they simply have to have insulation properties). But I thought (and still do think) that that was a bad idea – I like sunlight too much. And one thing I thought about many times over was getting a small faux fireplace (electric) for my (poorly insulated) apartment, and just putting it in the corner of the living room. So I ordered one from Home Depot just now, and that will be my half gift/half necessity purchase for right now, I think.nnAlso, just finished up coffee. ‘Twas a good Halloween – though uneventful, for sure. All is good though πŸ™‚

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