Suffice it to say, pretty damn cold. I woke up about a half hour ago, made instant espresso, had a pipe of VA/Per tobacco, and started my day. Spent the majority of the morning thinking about geocaching, haha. I look forward to getting out there again, finding something. But for now, I am getting ready to go to Schnucks and buy a few items that are required of life ;) I mentioned what they are before, so I will not go into a grocery shopping list again, but I do need basically all of these items ASAP.

Anyway, it is sunny outside, so I am thankful for that. If it is going to be ice cold, then it can at least be sunny (which is usually NOT the case). The High today is 27 (so it won't go above freezing at any point), but tomorrow it will be in the low-50's (woot!). So I may head out on a hike then, and look for a geocache while I am at it. But it will be a hike sans-backpack, and I will simply have a small waist pouch with me, but that has "essential essential" items in it, so I won't be completely SOL if something were to happen. And what I mean by "essential essential" is, basically a miniaturized First Aid Kit, pocket knife, multi-tool, Bic lighter (after I pick some up today), space blanket, and that is it. I am much better off with the "10 essentials" recommended by BSA (extra clothing, rain jacket, FULL First Aid Kit, water purification drops, some form of sun protection, etc., etc.). But, until the backpack arrives, none of that can be carried with me.

Of course, none (or nearly none) of that stuff is 100% necessary for the local hikes I am doing around here (in Cliff Cave COUNTY Park - where civilization is always a stone's throw away), but as I venture off the trail more, explore different areas of CCP (and it is a BIG park), and as I travel to different parks (which I think I can definitely get my brother-in-law into GC'ing, and if I do, we'd be going to Hawn State Park, Washington State Park, etc.), or even travel to different locations that are "off the beaten path", then having extra gear could come in quite handy. So a dedicated backpack will be necessary at some point. But as for now, I have next to NO GC'ing gear, besides an ink pen and a couple folded up pieces of paper - so, it would be useful to have things like a (small) flashlight, a dedicated (small) notebook, compass, space for maps, and even a small magnifying glass to read said maps. All of this adds up when including the other essential gear needed for a trip into the woods, or anywhere that isn't familiar, really.

OK, on with the morning :)