This post isn’t as bad/negative as it sounds.nnI woke up at 3:00 AM (4:00 AM now), and I was slightly hungry, and was also (of course) in the mood for coffee. I figure “a PB & jelly sandwich and a hot cuppa Joe will set me right today”. So, I made those things, consumed them both. Then, THEN I remembered why I *never* eat PB (which sounds like an odd thing to write, for sure) – I remembered some months back that I stopped buying PB (which was bought on a whim this time) because having the stuff causes me to have some sort of lung-congesting coughing fits, and I also get/feel bloated, and it puts me in a kind of “rage-like” state (not the PB, itself, but my reaction to being in this “unbreathable” state makes me want to “rage out”).nnSo, I chugged 1/2 Liter of water, and am hopefully on the mend.nnI don’t know what it is? A “new” peanut allergy? Is that even possible? Maybe the high fat content of the food itself is causing an uptick in cholesterol (my # is usually around 100 cholesterol (for both good *and* bad), because I’m a boring vegetarian). Whatever it is, I hate that damn stuff (PB).nnI am leaning towards an allergy explanation, because I can eat avocado, which is FULL of (fruit) fat, and I don’t feel bad at all. So…idk.nnMoral of the story: I won’t buy/eat PB again. Throwing this jar of JIF away. Moving on with my life.nnback soonnn

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