Another Friday night goes by without relevant happenings from me. Which has been the case since I was 20 years old, to be honest. 21? Too drunk to care. 22? I was basically in a state of psychological recovery. 23? I was “partying”, just not consuming substances nor booze, myself – I was attending “Deck Nights” at my sister’s house (where I rented a room), and everyone in our social circle was getting schnockered on Budweiser Select, while I counted down the minutes for everyone to leave so I could retire to the aforementioned rented room and get some “celebrity gossip” written for the ol’ tabloid blog. Of course, this was all news/stories/photos taken from gossip rag magazines (some online, and some of it “borrowed” from glossy magazines that I already has a subscription to) – but, the stuff got written, I tried to improve myself as a writer (and as a person in general at the time, I guess), and that was my Friday.nnEventful evenings have happened on numerous occasions before and since, for sure – but, mostly I have spent the weekend eve’s at home, writing away on a bloggo somewhere on the WWW, drinking coffee, being “boring”. As is the case this eve.nnSo, just a fast update from me, for now. More things can be written later, I assume. Just not celebrity gossip, because gossip is dead. Professional blogs are dead. Just saying.nnback soonnn

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