I went to bed at 11:00 last night, and I woke up at 8:30! Awesome! Feeling very well rested. So, I got up this AM, made coffee (on the second cup of coffee right now), and ordered in the antibiotics for delivery this afternoon, and I also made the appointment for the ultrasound that has to be done early next week. And, I got all the "necessary" bills paid just a bit ago, so a somewhat productive morning.

I am going to get a money order to pay rent in a little bit here (at noon), and afterwards get my hair cut, but I might actually get my hair cut tomorrow because I have to be back here straight after I finish paying my rent to accept the medication delivery, so...

I will also make a trip to BP later, pick up smokes that I owe my neighbor Steven, because I bummed a couple packs of cigs off of him during the ice storm we had when I couldn't make it to Dierbergs. I owe him two packs, so I will likely buy a carton of Lucky Strike for me, and then give him a couple packs from the carton of Edgefield non-filters I already have.

plan change

I am actually leaving in about 15 mins to get rent paid and whatnot, so I need to get ready.

back soon