(overheard in the stairway at my apartment building as I was out having a smoke on my balcony)nnYep, Missouri humidity sucks. I ceased to complain about it, because it doesn’t cause me many issues anymore since I lost ~50 pounds in the past three years. Before, I needed to nearly be put on a ventilator just by being exposed to this type of weather for 5 minutes.nnI changed my ways, my life, my diet (improved it), my habits, my exercise routine, etc., and now I can walk lengthy distances in heat/humidity and not be bothered *that* much.nnPerhaps the quoted statement was a celebratory exclamation?nn”70 degrees here, is like 90 degrees in Florida! [Woohoo! Bring on the heat!]”nnCan’t say a whole lot of nice things about Florida, though, in my experience. I vagabonded around Daytona Beach for a month in 2005 when I was 20-years-old, homeless, useless, drowning in the depths of alcoholism, but without a penny to buy the stuff (alcohol) on most days. Of course I was like this when I GOT to Florida (Florida didn’t turn me into an alcoholic), but it was all the same to the police who hounded me for being on the street, or walking to/from a gas station for a $1 Taquito, or filling my water bottle at a water fountain – I was *there*, in Florida, a high crime of the most offensive nature, and all Floridians and newcomers to the state must be constantly harassed and pestered by the police force for occupying that region. Be it a person walking to their car from a grocery store – answer up to the cops and explain their presence there. Exiting the boardwalk and going onto the beach – nod and attempt friendliness with the ever-present law enforcement there, where they decline the cordial exchange, and give the person the 3rd degree on what their business is on the beach, etc.nnEveryone I ever met who has visited Florida refers to it as an out-of-control Police State, only it is *here*, in the U.S. – not some corrupted Communist country. Bizarre.nnSo, I will never return to Florida. I’ll stay in Normal Town(TM) STL ;)nnback soon

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