Surprisingly, it will be delivered at around 10:00 AM tomorrow. Wow! Fast shipping! Can't wait to unbox it and have my very first DAC (digital-to-analog converter). Some of the other orders will arrive tomorrow, as well. Good deal :)

I am on my last pack of Edgefield non-filters (nonnies), so the tobacco order will arrive just in time. The standard VA/Per blend of tobacco + a couple of aromatics that I have been meaning to try.

Also, I think the antibiotics are working well. Much of the discomfort, sensitivity, and leg spasms that I had been experiencing have mostly cleared up. This was day 4 with them, and I have to take them for six more days, and I will take them until they are gone.

I have to call Monday to reschedule my psych doc appointment, because it is for Tuesday at the exact same time I will be going in for the ultrasound appointment. The ultrasound is time sensitive and in many ways more important than the psych doc appointment is, so I will just reschedule with the psychiatrist for later in the week, or the following week. It is a telehealth type of appointment, so it shouldn't be too inconvenient to get in another one soon.

Then, therapy later next week. Then a family gathering at the 'rents house that following weekend. So, a few things coming up.

And, I am glad I got the moms paid back the $480 I owed her. I don't like owing anyone money. And of course it was also nice to order the HELM Bolt which I have been meaning to purchase for over six months now. Definitely not going to go "audiophile crazy" with gear, and setups, and systems, and all this stuff - I just want to have a decent set of headphones (be it over-the-ear or IEMs), and a decent DAC/amp. And now I will have all of those things. I did (past tense) consider for a time getting a Cambridge Audio AXA25 integrated amplifier as an go-to amp for the Polk Audio TSi100 speakers, but now, I don't even really care if I use the speakers at all. They are currently in my closet, as there isn't a lot of room for them near the entertainment center, nor can I put them on the entertainment center, and whenever I've had them set up in my apartment previously, I just didn't get a lot of use out of them. I am much more of a "head-fi" guy, or, someone who is interested in, enthusiastic about a decent set of headphones, and going that route over a set of speakers, large equipment, proper room treatments for best audio quality, etc. I mean it is entertaining to see and watch and read about stuff like that, but I don't like listening to music that way, nor do I want to make the investment. Or, I should say that I prefer using a headphones setup instead of speakers nine times out of ten, I'll put it that way.

Anyhow, gonna wrap up this blog post, carry on with the night. 58F tonight and high of 64F tomorrow. Nice.

back soon