All day I thought it was Friday. Until I looked at the MacBook time/date just now, I thought it was Friday. I even considered titling this blog post “7:45 on a calm Friday night”, but that won’t work. So here we go.nnGlad it is Thursday, though, because I have to war dial (not literally (though that *was* a/the way to find open phone lines using particular computer hardware back in the “forever days ago” days – before my time)) my would-be ride to fetch groceries, and see if she answers. Just un-returned voicemail messages have been the case, so far. I will call tomorrow, but the weekends are a no-go for this particular person. nnHopefully I get a callback.nnBut this evening, I’ve had plenty of coffee, and soda, and am heavily caffeinated. So I am good with that. Also, finishing the last of my cigarettes before I go with pipe tobacco full-time, again. The blend I got (Spicy Virginia by Hearth & Home) turns out to be a *very* spicy blend. It has enough cigar leaf in it to leave me with a “full” feeling in my stomach, but everything related to flavor is pure spice. Like smoking Big Red gum! Not a bad smoke though, at all. nnAnd the Weber estate pipe is a keeper, for sure. Smokes beautifully. Happy as could be.nnThat’s the story, and I’m blogging to it!nnback soon

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