I rigged up the MBA to the TV last night, as well as today, and I watched some playlists from The 8-Bit Guy, and last night the video was on the Commander X16 "dream computer", and today it was "How LCD Screens Work (part 2)". While I watched, I did some mobile blogging on tmo via my Moto G7 Power smartphone. It's been a while since I wrote out longer pieces of text on a mobile device, and it was/is kinda nice. Good to "break up" the writing process a bit.

Later, I will rig up the TV with the MBA again, and do more mobile blogging, I think.

The therapy session went well, although it was a short (33 mins), due to cramming in all I had to say about this and that within 33 mins. So...yea. It wasn't bad.

So, not much else to say for right now. Just gonna enjoy the evening, and watch some "TV" (YouTube), soon.