It's nice, the longer days, and the warmer weather. Winter can fly a kite, lemme tell ya. Life rejuvenates in the Spring, as does my mood, and life is reaffirmed again, in a way. All is good.

I await the dishes to get done, but not "waiting" on them, because I don't need to cook anything at the moment. But I will start coffee in a minute.

Now, the sliding glass door is wide open, letting in ALL the Spring air, and filling the apartment with pleasant ambiance.

LOL, I've been "half-assing" this blog post here, and have already made coffee, and it is already partially cooled, and probably 20 minutes have passed since I launched the text editor, and the sun is still up a little bit. It's definitely dusk, and the sky has taken on a pinkish tone, but there is still plenty of light. Again, hooray Spring.

And yes, half-assing is the word, because I am at the computer, then away from the computer, then sitting in front of it again, back and forth. Sort of the "lazy painter" method of hammering text ;) I sort of liken it to how Gaahl (former vocalist for Gorgoroth) conducts his painting sessions - he says he pours a glass of wine, and it mostly goes untouched, while he locks himself in a room and makes his art. He says it is painstaking, and frustrating, and a labor of love (but he is really incredibly talented, and I would love to own one of his works (but they come at a price)).

Again, back again, back to the half-assed-ness of the post, lmao! I should just conduct this entry like an actual captain's log - an entry here, and then another after that, updates, quips, etc. There's no "published" or "finished" for a log on a ship. Just a continual flow of entries. I tried this method with both physical and digital journals, and the method never took. I look at hitting "publish" on a blog post similar to that of stacking filled pages from a typewriter to the left or right of the machine as I write write write. Small feelings of accomplishment, and a great sense of "look at that!" when I have them sitting there (whenever I did use a typewriter - briefly, in 2014/15, but was soon back to blogging).

I don't go back and re-read a lot of what I write, though, usually. Some things will tend to stick out in my mind, and I may remember them a year or more later and think: "what did I title that post?", and then try to look it up. And I don't consider myself a diligent "archivist", either - not someone to have years of posts there just for the sake of having them there, but more just like the idea of having a decent body of work to go back and look at, similar to how some people have been blogging (on the same site, same rig, and probably working the same job/living the same life) for 20+ years. Everything they considered "relevant" is right there for their perusal. But, that usually means only a handful of posts from them a year, and not too much to have to manage. Others (who some may consider true archivists), will save every single thing they have ever written, or painted, or whatever the case. The dedication is mildly admirable, but I also consider terribly messy/cluttered. As for me, I sort of fall in the middle somewhere - I have a large "archive" on W.a, and here on now, too, but not in the "save it all, no matter what" type of approach. I just write a lot of stuff, and I have no desire to go back and delete anything, and so far nothing has been lost to time and (cyber)space, so there it sits.

Categories and tags I don't get a lot of use out of, mostly because of my own laziness, not because they wouldn't be useful. I've used tags in passing on tmo before (and still do, sorta), but I don't put much weight into them.

Anyhow, with the coffee finished up (consumed), and this entry stretching into 750 words, I will wrap it up. Back soon.