I deleted about four posts this morning. Similar title. Trying to find words or something to hammer out at 5-ish AM is not easy. Never is. The words never *leap* from my fingertips, needing to be written. No ongoing train of thought to convey in written form. Just the pre-dawn mindset of “what of what today?” and morning coffee to bring it about.nnStrange dreams last night. Mostly dreams concerning factory lines, and conveyor belts, because I watched a couple episodes of [Let’s Game It Out](https://www.youtube.com/c/LetsGameItOut) (YT link) on YouTube last night, where a guy (psychotically) tries to do everything wrong in a game that he has been given an access key/token to, because he will play the game on his channel, it will drum up support for the dev of said game, and he is hysterical in the process. Absolutely riot of a channel, for people of the sickest sense of humor >:)nnThat channel, *Family Guy* clips, *South Park* clips, Trey Kennedy and Gus Johnson videos are 90% of my watch history. I just now realized that I need to turn my history back ON, because that is why my recommendations are at such a stand-still (as I mentioned [here](https://write.as/tmo/what-will-it-be-youtube)). So, I turned that on real fast (one tab > one click > done and done).nnI need to sub to some of these people.nnI will do so nownnback in a min

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