4:00 AM, been up since 3:00 AM, and have had two coffees so far, and a pipe out on the balcony. Nice morning, etc.nnFeeling antsy/punchy this morning. Mildly frustrated. I read a couple (several, really) blog entries from other bloggers (some of who I don’t “catch up” on that much), and they wrote of social media struggles, depression, etc., and maybe *that* put me in a strange mood? Not that people shouldn’t share this stuff (fxxx, **I** share stuff of that nature all the time!), but the three blog posts I read this morning are all from people who are sort of “in the throws” of social media **addiction** (we’re beyond mincing words, aren’t we?), and that is one of the worst places one can be. So maybe that put me in an “off” mood.nnGlad to not be in that disposition anymore, though. Really.nnAnyway, today is June 4, 2022, and as agreed upon in the [Discuss.write.as thread](https://discuss.write.as/t/a-remark-as-meetup/5554/12), anyone (or/and everyone) can meet up at 1:00 PM CST (or whatever time that is for you) in the chat atop [Remark.as/cafe](https://remark.as/cafe), and chatterize, socialize, meet other bloggers on Write.as, and I think it will be a cool little gathering :)nnIf you’re not a user of Discuss.write.as, you can leave a comment [on this post](https://write.as/tmo/a-remark-as-meetup-is-a-thing-we-should-have), to say you will be there. Or you can just show up. There is no formal “RSVP” or anything like that – even though Discuss.write.as has something like that enabled on that forum. nnI’m looking forward to it :):)nnAnother thing I would like to say:nnI’d say that Remark.as, and socializing **openly** online, and the blog world is probably the best thing that has happened to me in the past 2+ years. When the pandemic was first starting, and I was “fresh off” social media, I was of the mindset, and also writing about, how I was like “a digital blog island” – meaning, **I** was only journaling *for* myself, didn’t care to hear much at all from others (because I had been so beaten down and insulted on social media for so long), and that I wanted to keep the blog (*this* blog) as an ephemeral documentation of entries throughout the day, and throughout life. I didn’t even utilize the “description” below the blog title – just letting things fall where they may.nnThen, sometime in 2020, I started the prototype for the **Thanx! Project**, which was a small (one-way, sorta) communication platform for anyone to reach out and simply say “Thanx!” for so and so’s contribution(s) to the Internet. Like a lo-fi “thank you” card, in written form, that would get sent straight to the user’s e-mail (or even a small feed within the service) that was like a “free Ko-Fi”, in a way. And when I started the prototype, I used myself as a guinea pig, and connected the MVP (minimum viable product) to my main/primary e-mail account, called it **Thanx.cc**, and saw if any response came of it whatsoever. Surprisingly, several people per week actually sent a “Thanx!”. I was legit getting e-mails again (from strangers)! What a good/cool feeling!nnSo, I sort of came around to the idea that; “not ALL of the Internet is bad – I was just distraught and cynical from SO MUCH of it that CAN BE bad”. So, I began to **open** myself up, again. It felt, and feels, really good.nnSo, that is why I think Remark.as is the best thing to happen to Write.as in a long time. Kind of community-centric blog comments or/and chat – it just **makes** the service. nnHope everyone is well. Talk later.n

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