Just flipped the furnace back on, because I had it turned OFF with the sliding glass door open, because the entire apartment felt like a humid-filled greenhouse. No matter what time of year it is, I always need an abundance of fresh air. Cool/cold, warm/hot - I need to breathe natural, fresh air.

And I started coffee, to sorta get my day going. But I have no special plans for today, incidentally - I just want to be awake and energized for whatever comes my way :)

In six days, or no, five days, I will file my taxes in Crystal City, Missouri and get that out of the way, and whatever monies I get, the majority of it will go to the moms, because I owe her ~$400 (which sucks, but I don't have any particular plans for the money either way, so...).

I slept OK last night, I think. Something like four hours, which is not much sleep, but it is enough for right now. I have been getting 7+ hours of sleep per night, so a one-off night where I only get four hours is OK.

Isn't all that fascinating? Like, doesn't it just fill one's brain with knowledge and relevant info that I (me, who is no one special - a rando on the WWW) have certain sleep schedules/habits, and that I share that information on the Internet for no reason? Why DO I do all of this stuff (keep a journal that is ONLINE)??? I do wonder sometimes.

Not that I am ungrateful or mocking of those who bother to read this bloggo/journal/whatever, but I DO think it is (perceived, by my mind) an audience-centric tone that drives my writing efforts forward. Pretend, believe, or write-for an audience who is sometimes there (on higher traffic days - as all blogs I have kept in the past have had peaks and valleys), and sometimes (or most of the time, really) write for an audience who is certainly NOT there. It may have something to do with a "sense of purpose" or a "egotistical relevance" thing? Either way, this garble gets hammered out and I derive value from letting thoughts/ideas come forward in a clear manner, and also to have it "on the record", or whatever.

I swear, I'd have no cohesive form of mental structure nor cognitive skills if I didn't put XYZ into plain text and "hide it away" somewhere - be it putting the thoughts/ideas/whatever onto a blog and hosting it on the Internet, or scribbling out innate madness onto pieces of paper and tucking it under a mattress. I have to "keep tabs" on myself and world around me in some form or fashion or I'd go crazy! :/

No matter, though. I'll just sit and finish this coffee and drum up more madness to preoccupy my idle mind with for the remainder of this Sunday morning.

back soon