It is overcast, and it smells like rain out there, so I am thinking it will rain. Like, rain rain, because it was already "spitting" when I walked to Schnucks just now. I got grub for the evening (low-sodium grub), so I am set for the eve.

And Now, coffee.

I will have money tonight (at midnight), so I will go ahead and do the Same-Day Delivery order from Amazon that I need/want, and will be jotting about that at some point soon (probably over on TMO, really - though there will be things said here, as well). I really DO like having two blogs, too. I don't know why. But it works! At least, I like having them on W.a and also self-hosted with Ghost software - both are excellent services! :)

So, on that delivery, I will be "playing the waiting game" tomorrow, as I wait for the order to arrive via Amazon. By the way, I severely dislike Amazon, but sometimes it is the easiest/cheapest way to get what one needs when they immediately need it. Beneficial in that regard, but a fairly abhorrent company in numerous other ways, as well :(

But, the delivery will (probably) arrive by tomorrow evening, and the order will be placed at midnight tonight (meaning right at midnight), and then I will go from there. I will also get my hair cut tomorrow, and a money order for my therapist (I owe her for the last appointment). Etc.

But now, that coffee.

back soon