Not the "best" way to kick off a day (with soda), as starting my day with coffee would be healthier, but, soda is a tasty treat I tend to have once a day (diet soda, usually). But, the more relevant thing is, it is 5:30 AM, and I woke up about 10 mins ago, and I feel good, and slept all night, and slept deeply in that time :) Have a nice cool(ish) day to look forward to, too. 53 degrees right now, and considering it was near 90 yesterday, that is quite a swing in a 12 hour period (40 degrees!), and the thing is, it (the temp) will likely swing upwards by 40 degrees again today(!). I wouldn't be surprised if we reached 90 today. Even if the temp right now predicts a high of 84 (still, a HELL of a swing!).

I will spend a good amount of time on my balcony today. Rain or shine. For sure. It was delightful being out there nearly all day yesterday. So I will repeat that today. Fresh air, birds, animals, random people coming/going, mobile blog posts, sunshine - all good stuff :)

But, I will make breakfast in a short minute here. Just popping in.

back soon