I got up at 4:50, made coffee, sat and drank said coffee and more or less woke myself up before venturing to the kitchen to make more coffee and wake myself up further. Second cup is brewing right now.

At some point today, I will have to make it to Dierbergs (grocery store) so I can buy a few packs of cigarettes, because I am out of pipe tobacco (or at least the kind of pipe tobacco can I consider an "everyday smoke" for me). It is icy as could be outside, but I can make the trek ok, I think. I have Dierbergs giftcards, and they are one of the few grocery stores in the STL area that still carry tobacco products.

I am looking forward to Monday, too, as that is when I will see the NP and they can tell me what's up with the pelvic pain that is happening, and also give me a referral to a specialist. I think Sunday I will get a couple things done as well, assuming the STLWX will be as nice as it is supposed to be, 57F and sunny.

Tooth socket is ok. Cheek remains somewhat swollen. I only took one dose of Tylenol yesterday morning, and haven't had any since. It was a clean extraction, not too much discomfort. I can't imagine someone needing to take pain medications for something like this.

This second cup of coffee is good :)

Now, I am more or less waiting for the sun to rise and hoping Dierbergs opens at their regular hour (6:00 AM). Not that I am going at that time (20 mins from now), but I would like to go as soon as I can. I am pretty sure they will be open, too, because they're a large grocery store, so, yea.

I got COVID tests in the mail the other day. I haven't used any of them yet, though. In fact, I haven't taken a COVID test since the start of the pandemic, as I just figured I would stay in if I was sick, be safe, wear a mask, and got double-vaxxed + boosted - because that is all I can do in the longrun anyway. I am pretty sure I had COVID-19 in May 2020, though. And I wouldn't be surprised if I had the Delta variant in August of 2021, as that is when I had bad cramps, bad chills, body aches, slight fever, and more or less felt like shit for three weeks. It is when STL had a spike in Delta cases, too, but I had already been vaxxed in April/May of that year, so I didn't get it as severe as it could have been. Omicron? No clue. I haven't been experiencing cold-like symptoms since that variant came about, so I may have never gotten it. I got boosted in between Xmas/NYE, though, so that may have made a difference. Who knows?

That's about all I got for now. Back soon.