Having evening coffee, watched some Hueguh on YouTube (a very chill channel), and I confirmed that I am being picked up at 9:00 AM tomorrow to spend the day at the sister's house before she takes me to the NP appointment in the afternoon.

The sun is setting, the coffee is good, I'm feeling generally relaxed and less frustrated than I was before. Early this AM was rough, spasms and soreness was making things miserable, and I am glad that time ended.

Been a long, uneventful day, for sure. The walk to BP was nice, and the apartment stayed warm throughout the majority of the day (due to the apartment's location in direct sunlight). I don't even remember having the furnace running throughout any of it.

The jaunt to Schnucks never happened, as it was not 100% necessary. I have food in the apartment, as well as coffee, and other "life necessities", so, I'm good.

The coffee was good. Bold. A double scoop of instant.

I don't know how much crap has been put on this bloggo today, but it seems like I have had more entries in the past seven hours than I have in the past seven days. Just a lot of time/space to fill.

all is good

back later