And coffee (now finished). I had a bit of Bengal Slices out of the Rossi, as well. Birds are chirping away, the sliding glass door is open. High of 63 today (and will be sunny, I am assuming). I will fetch groceries from Schnucks around 9:00, and likely laundry before that (which I will start in about an hour). The laundry is long overdue, and I will certainly need fresh duds for the Schnucks jaunt (as I am limited to crappy, filthy, gross laundry day clothes now). So pleasant to hear the birds chirping this morning. That is usually a sign that it will be a sunny day, but that is just my belief.

I slept six hours, or at least four, can't be sure, but, it was a decent sleep that was only interrupted by my furnace that turned on at 4:00 AM, because I forgot to shut it off. I am a cold sleeper, so of course it got me out of bed right away. I checked the thermostat and it was 78(!) in the apartment, and I need to temp to be at around 68 to get any shut-eye.

I am less "weirded up" on pills this AM, and I am not going to take any until at least noon, including the Nexium, because I want to more or less clear out my liver and have a "fresh start" in regards to pharmaceuticals in my bloodstream.

Anyhow, gonna be a somewhat busy day. Stuff to do, walks to take, etc.

back soon