It’s another Tuesday morning, and another morning I am awake, having just had iced black tea with a BUNCH of peach gelatin mixture tossed into it. It is stuff to make peach-flavored gelatin “snacks” or whatever the hell, but I am using it as a black tea sweetener, because it is basically pure sugar anyway. nnBut right now, I am making coffee. Camp coffee. The usual for the time being. Until tomorrow afternoon anyway, when I get a pound of Taster’s Choice instant coffee.nnSo, that’s the coffee scenario – I should someday consider writing *without* simultaneously having a caffeinated beverage and see where that gets me. ;)nnBy the way, if you are a reader of this blog/journal: thank you! I like to think that I maintain this journal for myself and myself only, but if there were not a perceived belief that other people were reading it, getting something from it, then I don’t know how my writing would fare, and therefore do not know how the therapeutic benefit(s) of writing here would, either. There are people who show up, read along, and sometimes follow-up through my [contact sheet](https://olry.co) when they can, and that is always appreciated, and I don’t actually know how many people subscribe via RSS (I have no way of tracking that, that **I** am aware of, at least), but some do, and just seeing a few views here and there is a nice thing :)nnSo, again, Thanx for keeping up :DnnThe coffee is cooling now, the sun will be rising soon, and I will continue on with the day. Back later.

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