I come to realize something last night – I have been lacking GOOD/genuine sleep for the better part of a month now. My toothache (which the pain has been on/off during that time) prevents me from getting GOOD, long, restful sleeps, and I haven’t had a solid 7+ hours of rest in even *longer*. It’s terrible. I used to get such great sleep. nnSo, I am going to have to arrange for a tooth extraction at my dentists office in January. I have Orajel (an oral numbing medication) until then, and I also discovered that Ibuprofen works well (*much* better than Tylenol) last night, so I won’t be in terrible pain for now, but I DO have to schedule this appointment ASAP. In fact, it will likely happen sometime between my COVID booster and my Flu shot (also in January).nnBut yes, I *did* manage to get 4.5 hours rest, and I will take that for now. I was borderline delusional last night, I was so tired.nnback soon

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