I wish I "had 'em", haha. I don't currently smoke marijuana (because I do not have access to it), but when they legalize the stuff here, in Missouri, I will smoke. Or if I go somewhere where it is already legal, I will just smoke it there. Buying weed in Missouri (which I am not advocating for, nor am I advocating breaking the law - don't need the blog to get shut down (which might be impossible since I self-host, but...)) is a roll of the dice. Missouri weed is widely regarded as "cat piss", and no matter who you come across in this state, they will refer to it as that. It smells, like actual fermented cat piss on a rug. Undeveloped seeds, compressed (probably rotting) buds, stems galore - pure shit.

Legal weed, is in a universe of it's own. Not just non-cat piss, but significantly better herb. I would like to try (condoned) legal weed.

Now, I have coffee. That's fine.

back soon