Stepped outside, had a smoke of Presbyterian Mixture on the balcony. Was delicious, filling, amazing. The morning is quiet here. Small breezes, but no wind. Things are mostly damp from the light rain last night (as it was sprinkling when I took the trash out). There are no neighbors out and about, no one walking by or busy with this or that – just silence, with me and my pipe :)nnWeirdly, I slept awkwardly last night, and now my right chest area hurts a bit. Likely due to the mattress, which is in depserate need of a mattress topper. That can extend the life of the thing (or I hope), and also ensure I get a *proper* night’s rest, instead of 3-4 hours “power nap”. I have the intention of ordering a LUCID (extra firm) mattress topper from Target in January, but it definitely cannot be bought in December – too many other expenses happening.nnBack later

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