I had some Amy's Organic Southwest Vegetable Chunk Soup a moment ago, and then coffee straight after. But what I want is a soda, haha. So I will go fetch one from the vending machine at 5:00 AM.

But for now, I sit and listen to the crickets outside (the crickets are outside, but I am inside), and listen to their chirping serenade over the sound of the floor fan. 72 with a High of 79 today - nice.

And it is the weekend. I WILL renew the CL posting this morning (later in the morning), but I WILL NOT pay any attention to it, nor expect to get any type of e-mail or interest about the listing, because for over a week I have had no interest in it, so I will not get any hopes up for any reason whatsoever. Thick skin, I suppose.

Anyway, this is a quick update. Not much to say at this time, just popping in.

back soon