4:00 AM. Coffee poured. Flood warning in effect. Rain all about outside. Welcome to Tuesday.

Just got up a tad ago. Cleaned up the kitchen. Started dishes. Made an impromptu breakfast of pancake (singular). Put on hot water for coffee. Shaved (everything was scraggly). And then poured coffee (instant). Checked the STLWX forecast, and there will be scattered thunderstorms, and then light rain throughout the morning/afternoon. Flash flood warnings in effect throughout Northern St Louis (city and county), as well as surrounding counties. South County will continue to see heavy rain, but no flash flood warnings here as of yet. And it is a cool 63F here. Wow! In late-July! Rare!

Chances are, I will make the trip to BP for Neighbor "S" this morning, as he still needs a carton of cigs, and he wouldn't venture out in significant rain. I'll make the trip for him, and possibly see if I can bum a pack of cigs from him, on loan. Been a while since I had a pack of cigs.

Sort of putting finiashing touches on the budget. I took a look at a future hypothetical budget, as well, to see how I can get AT&T WiFi back in my apartment. Thing is, I owe them $296 due to me not returning the equipment, as it had been six months since the deactivation, and I hadn't returned it, and I assumed no one cared, so I sort of just pitched it. It was a rubber stamped modem/router, which is sort of an "install-it-yourself" deal (it's literally a plug in, and you're online type of a deal). Anyway, I logged back in to my old acct, which is still active, and I checked out fees/charges, and apparently they are A-OK with me firing up service again (my WiFi bills was paid up when I had the service cancelled), but I have to fork out for the equipment fees.

Anyway, $296 is not the type of snap-my-fingers-and-there-it-is type of money I can just part with for faster Internet connections. So I am not sure if I will get re-connected in September or not.

back later

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