Just woke up, and slept for like five or six hours, but I am not sure. It's 4:00 AM now, and I have a wicked headache, and I am not 100% sure why. Possibly because I bought cigs earlier, and I have not smoked cigs in over a week (opting for a tobacco pipe, instead), and smoking cigarettes always gives me a headache I think. I will get over it soon enough, though.

Glad I got the budget together last night. I essentially decided that the Rucker 3.0 backpack was outside of what I could (reasonably) afford in February (and also not needed in February, because I can only hike so many times when the STLWX is below-freezing). I may even make a small compromise (whenever I do get a backpack - because I need some form of backpack) and order the official Geocaching pack in olive drab (green) from Geocaching.com, as it is roughly the same size (19L), and has a decent feature set, and is also only $84 (as opposed to $215 for the Rucker). But, again, neither will be bought in Feb. Unnecessary at this point. I am springing for the Geocaching.com Premium membership in Feb., though ($30 per year - not bad).

Of course, the "name of the game" is to not just "move around" when I spend X amount of dollars on what and how much, but to not spend much money at all on anything that isn't 100% necessary, and also to A) invest more (be it physical silver, or whatever), and B) make some decent donations to some charities/orgs/causes I stand behind (Blessings in a Backpack, Folds of Honor, and also Wikipedia).

So, I stand to do one of two things in February - either could happen:

  • head to my local US Post Office and get a U.S. Passport made (takes time for it to come in the mail and whatnot, but I can still start the process, and pay for everything right then)


  • make a small investment in (more) physical silver, and also make a moderate donation to the three charities/orgs listed above

I'm a bit indifferent as to which I do in February, but the org donation + precious metal purchase certainly seems like the better plan. But then I would put an added emphasis (or, prioritize) the U.S. Passport purchase for March. 2022 - so this is probably what I will do.

So, I'm glad I wrote out specifics, so I know what I am doing, haha. It always helps to write things out, as it helps organize thoughts/ideas/etc.

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