Reaching 52F today, but right now it is teetering around freezing. I slept ~4 hours, and feel good, refreshed, and it might as well have been seven hours that I slept, but I feel completely well rested. But still, I poured ice coffee, and am giving myself a caffeine kick just to perk things up even more. Music will likely be put on shortly, too. The HELM Bolt has me listening to more things more often, and that is always a good thing.

I have to remember that I have a therapy appointment at noon today, just before I head to House Springs, so I am going to set a physical/paper reminder for myself.

[ 2 seconds later ]

Done and done. I just jotted down "Therapy - 12:00!" on a piece of paper and faced it towards me on the desk, and hopefully that keeps it fresh in the mind ;)


Lol, just after Xmas 2021, I inherited my parent's old 42 inch, 1080p TV, and since I knew I was getting it, I asked my sister for a Google Chromecast, which she obliged and got me a Chromecast w/ Google TV (AKA, Chromecast with a remote, instead of the cheaper Chromecast by itself (which would have been just fine with me)), and I have barely used either one (TV or the Chromecast). Now, I haven't used the Chromecast for obvious reasons: I have no home WiFi, and and the Chromecast cannot recognize my PDAnet+ tethering application on my phone, so that renders the device nearly useless. It has screensavers on the TV and all, and will even say that it has connected after I have done the Proxy Settings song and dance, but I am pretty sure the thing is either firewalled shut, or it requires too much data to handle any form of streaming. So, I am looking into (in fact, I am) getting AT&T home internet service re-activated in this apartment as soon as possible. Having AT&T will open up a few doors for me, but mostly it will allow me to use the Chromecast with no issues whatsoever, which I think could be nice.

The TV itself, it has barely gotten much use, either. Every so often I plug in the MacBook to the TV and put on a YouTube playlist, but the work-to-reward ratio for that is very little. I just want to walk over to the TV on a whim, and put on some streaming content to watch (usually YouTube or Plex). In fact, it was an activity I looked forward to doing all throughout November/December, when I knew I was inheriting the TV and also quite possibly getting a Chromecast. I was even sent an invite to my brother-in-law's Plex server so I could partake in the thousands of movies/shows he has on there.

Anyway, now it has reached 5:00 AM (been blogging on/off here for a minute (or an hour!)), and made hot coffee.

In terms of TV/Chromecast, I should (and likely will) opt for AT&T home internet service in April, as it would be a good choice, and I wouldn't have to fuss and fool with the PDAnet+ tethering app anymore (which boots me off data numerous times a day, oftentimes when in the middle of hammering out a blog post). It certainly isn't ideal for any type of "home internet" service, as it is more or less a last ditch effort to get online if/when someone is out and about and need data on short notice (a coffee shop, or public place without WiFi, or whatever the fuck).

Ahh, the possibilities :)

back soon