<3 for Insta...cart

Just got an Instacart fill, which is something I've more or less come to depend on since COVID started, and I began using them, and it is such a good thing to have when I am 100% car-less (always have been, my whole life), and because getting groceries a few blocks away by-foot is just that: by-foot. I can't carry 8 bags of groceries home, and I can't make multiple trips with two bags at a time (my shoulders get strained when doing three bags or more). So, this service is more or less critical these days.

Anyway, loaded up now. Good to go.

I shopped phones a little bit ago, as the Moto G7 Power is three years old now, and I have the feeling that when it craps out, not if but when, that is will be cooked, for sure, so I need to consider getting a new frugally-priced phone soon. Either Motorola G Power (2022) or Nokia G50. Those two phones are priced between $200-$250, have 6.5 inch (or higher) displays, and those are basically my only requirements for a phone. LOL! The "low point" with both options, is that they both ship with Android 11 :( I think Android 14 just came out or is on the way. But, for my purposes, the latest OS is not required, because I run Android 10 on my G7 Power now and it is 100% capable. I just need a (sturdy) thing that will get the basics done - the basics of a modern smartphone, that is. I'm not jumping into feature (dumb) phone territory or anything.

Anyway, it is between those two models. Not sure when I'll get one or the other.

Back soon

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