From just past midnight until 3:30 AM I slept (it is 4:00 now). I feel very well rested, but more sleep could be had. But since I am awake now, I will hammer out a blog post, and kill some time.

I sorta feel like this is the first time I have written for the day, because it just seems like a groggy early morning to me. Could definitely use some coffee. Starting now...

...aaand, started!

[ 5 minutes later ]


Tasty :)

Don't have many words for this morning. But zoning out and trying to think of something to write is better than just looking at some other random site online and not being in the position to write. So at the text editor I stay.

So, words. Words to write. They're difficult to come up with when there isn't any pertinent subject matter at-hand to discuss or that I feel I need to get off of my chest.

Oh, here's a thing : the apartment complex that I moved from in Pevely, Missouri in 2016 was on the local news on a segment called "You Paid For It". The topic of the story was about how Pevely Pointe Apartments had sort of developed a "trash epidemic", and how the dumsters were overflowing, and spilling out into the parking lot, and how large swaths of parking areas were covered in garbage. There are a whole host of other issues that Pevely Pointe Apartments has to deal with on top of that issue, but the trash story is what made the news.

When I left there in 2016, the trash issue was starting to become a problem - the dumpsters would fill up with trash, then they would overflow, then people just started putting trash next to where the trash had spilled out from the dumpster, then the entire bricked in dumpster area would get filled with trash bags, until finally it was one, giant, wretched, 600+ sq ft area of the parking lot that was full of trash.

I am guessing (and fact I am sure) that this issue was (and is) caused from simply not paying a trash bill. Because it is one thing when there is a particular holiday or abysmal weather, and the garbage men can't come to pick up the trash (either due to time off or bad roads), and having a somewhat overflowing dumpster, or series of dumpsters, in an apartment complex for perhaps a day is not an uncommon thing, at all. But at Pevely Pointe, there would often be a week or more go by where no garbage men came at all, regardless of weather.

Now, it is 100x's worse than before.

It's a weird thing to witness from my perspective, as well. When I moved to Pevely Pointe in 2011, it was the newest, and nicest, apartment complex in Jefferson County anywhere near that (relatively low) price point. A small "oasis" in a sea of trashed out apartment complexes with bad reputations, and poor management. Most people (that I knew) wanted to move there, but couldn't due to the very strict credit check requirements. In fact, when my mother tried to co-sign for that apartment in 2011, her (fairly good) credit didn't pass muster, and my father had to co-sign for the apartment, instead (which I was very appreciative of). The property was owned by Gundaker at the time, and had a very friendly staff, and the property grounds, themselves, were immaculate, well cared for, and the community were as friendly as one could expect.

But sometime around mid-2014 (a year after the property had been sold from Gundaker to Sansone Group (a different realty co)) there was a story in the St Louis Post-Dispatch that an employee of Sansone had "embezzled" something like $1.4 Million, and that those funds were allocated to two properties in the Jefferson County area, and one was Pevely Pointe. And Pevely Pointe never saw any of that money. So, of course, the income requirements for PP went way down (they were desperate), rents increased slowly over time, they started to lay off any "extra" maitenance workers (there were five at one time, and that got whittled down to one). The in-ground sprinkler system was no longer utilized, the grass would grow longer and longer before a mandatory grass cutting took place (either that, or it would just become scorched hay in the mid-Summer), and any all shrub/tree trimmings stopped happening. Essentially, they stopped all landscaping services on the property, wholesale.

Now, on top of the trash epidemic that is plaguing the property, I have heard stories from people I know around that area that a hail storm came through a couple years ago and tore up the siding on the buildings, and it has yet to be repaired, roving "bicycle gangs" of late-teens intimidate people and "run the property", homeless encampments are in the large field leading up to, and behind, the property (likely coming in from the nearby train tracks (as that is what I witnessed first-hand when I was getting ready to move from there to here in late-2016 - people underneath the bridge and loitering at the nearby Mr Fuel gas station (and also hitchhikers from the numerous truck stops in that town), which they then "camped out" (sometimes permanently) in in the surrounding area), small meth lab attempts in the laundry room - you name it. Hell on Earth.

I fact, I remember a look of shock and fear on the remaining maitenance guy's face when he was leaving a building one day in 2015, and when I said "hey Mike, what's up?" he said, "they ripped out the wiring! ALL the copper wiring throughout the entirety of the apartment - tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage! Motherfuckers!"

And unfortunately, that is probably a more common thing now than what is to be expected. Sad, indeed.

Anyway, those are just some of the many issues going on with that property. Now it is newsworthy.

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