Just before trying to go to sleep I had some toast with a bit of Duke's Mayo on it, and though it was tasty, didn't upset my stomach, having something like that just before laying down basically guarantees that I will have terrible acid reflux when I am laying down. Not deep, stomach-based acid reflux, just a burning and acidity in my throat that causes me to cough terribly, and laying down becomes a futile thing.

So, I am awake, and that is ok because I have coffee. And at around 6:50 or so, when the sun starts to come up, I will fetch soda and some food for the day. Cheap stuff. Food to "get me by", but the soda will be reg soda (Diet Pepsi, Diet Mt Dew, so...yea).

72 outside, and it isn't getting much cooler, which is good. I love Spring weather :)

Man, that Punk playlist I listened to earlier helped a bit. Just being able to hear music and not have to think or concern myself with BS for a while was very nice. Good deal.

Fruit is on the shopping list this morning. Mangoes (if available), bananas, and maybe even some oranges. Oranges are a pain in the ass to haul back to my apartment, because a four pound bag of them is just that - four pounds! So, that takes up one entire shopping bag in one hand, and I have to be sure to fit everything into the other shopping bag, because a dude only have two hands and cannot haul three, four, five bags 1/4 a mile in one go! Haha.

Here's hoping for a fast week. Blogspeed!