Yep, coffee it is! Sleepless in St Louis, as per usual. I mentioned on the W.a blog that this blog,, may have some technical difficulties here in the future, because I let the domain "" expire on GoDaddy, because they reminded me of the upcoming renewal over a month ago (once, and didn't remind me again), so I forgot about, of course, and now "" is an expired domain, and it is probably only a matter of time before GD reclaims it for their own use. So, I will have to figure out how to get a different domain I own "" pointing to this blog here. That's a super simple process when the bloggo is hosted on a 3rd party platform/server/whatever (such as a WF blog on W.a, or even a Ghost blog on a Ghost server), but things are a bit more complicated when I am self-hosting this blog on my own VPS. So, I will have to dig around in "web development world" and find out how exactly I go about configuring everything so this blog, this exact same one you and I are on now, with the same posts and everything, is served under the "" URL, instead of "".

It's just one of those things. I am not terribly stressed about the scenario. I can/will still write (usually on W.a), but I won't let too much time elapse before I get whatever configured that needs to be configured done and finished so I can be back in business with Ghost.

Fun stuff (kinda)

I''ll be up the remainder of the night, I am sure. I watched some of The 8-Bit Guy on YouTube a bit ago, as that is one of my favorite YT channels. He was building a "new stock" VIC-20 machine, which is a weird thing to do, but not for him I suppose.

I almost want to make more coffee, but I already had a cup a half hour ago, and I don't need THREE cups in under an hour.

That's all. Back soon.