24 hours until I have money again, haha

Yep, broke ass 24/7 here. Until the next 24 roll by. Then I will have some money again.

The budget is already finished. Everything is accounted for, no stone left un-turned.

In the budget, I included a $150 Schnucks gift card, to myself, so I can do the morning walks to Schnucks every morning, which is a very nice thing.

Also a haircut. This time it will be a fade, though, because the #1 buzz on the sides/back looks weird when the hair on top is this length (longer than average). So I will continue to fade it until...I guess it's very long on top, and then I will buzz it on the sides/back again, at a #1. The undercut look with LONG hair on top is very cool, I think. But up until the hair is a decent length, I generally will just fade it. Otherwise it looks like some wadded up ball of toupee on my head, lol! Looking forward to it getting to a decent length, again.

Also in the budget is an LL Bean "Unshrinkable" tee, in Henley style (so, three buttons on the collar). I already have an Unshrinkable tee in heather, as a pocket tee, and I love that material! Thick, durable, very nice. And this Henley will replace the black v-neck I am wearing now, which has enormous hole sin the armpits, and has served me oh so well. I mentioned all this stuff before, but, there it is.

until later

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