It is 5:55 AM. I just got up and had a huge pee (pleasant, right?), so since my bladder was/is empty, I decided to weigh myself to get my "true" weight. And, 201 pounds! I am down 43(!) pounds since late-2019 (which, not coincidentally, was when I deleted my Twitter (and Instagram) account(s) and started hiking and using resistance bands for exercise (as well as started making zines, and fiddling about with lo-fi music/noise, and also dabbling with web development - fxxx Twitter addiction)). So, I will continue this journey :) I feel and look a lot better (I think). I am no longer borderline Type-2 diabetic (I was starting to have insulin resistance in late-2019, with high A1C), and from what I can tell from bloodwork, I no longer have borderline Fatty Liver Disease, either (the AST/ALT (two different things) are back into the healthy/"green" zone). So, healthy all around :)

The doctors, and me, want me at 190 pounds. Between 185 and 190, which I am ok with, and I can get to, and will stay at. I was around 190 in 2008-2011, and I was happiest at that weight. In 2006 I was severely underweight, at a scant 131 (which is low for someone of my height/build). In 2014/15 I was down (again) to 155 pounds, but that was lost through a rigid ("crash") diet, and also a lot of energy drinks and working out - rain or shine or sleet or snow. And also the incorrect meds and also lack of sleep - fxxx Sapphris, haha.

So, better times ahead. I'll be out of the 200's soon enough, but no rush.

back soon