John Hardin, or "Matches 860" as the YouTube Pipe Community knew him as, died two years ago (RIP). I miss his live streams, and his dedicated review videos, as well. He had a very good way of telling a story in-cadence with puffing on a tobacco pipe, and everyone seemed to love his videos in the community. And, for those outside of the YTPC (such as I) who do NOT make videos, or put things on Instagram (or, the IGPC), or anything like that - we still derive benefit from this content - or "lurkers" as John would sometimes say (which he once said "there's nothing wrong with that", when I said I was a "public lurker" during one of his live streams). Because, just because someone smokes a pipe (however often they may do so), doesn't mean they have to necessarily create content on/for the Internet. I, personally, write online a lot (or, journal online a lot, I should say), and sometimes the conversation revolves around tobacco pipes, sometimes web development, sometimes minimalism, sometimes vegetarianism - whatever the case, it is a journal. Anything goes :)

But we all miss John, and I think he was a positive influence in the world. We are poorer for having lost him. Here's to Matchezzzzzz 8. 6. 0.!