...I suppose it will do. I got up (after trying to go back to sleep), and made coffee, and for some reason, obscure TV shows entered into my mind. The ones that were "a big hit" when they were on TV, but never got the rerun glory they probably deserved - Mr Belvedere, Mama's Family, Perfect Strangers. And then even more obscure ones from Comedy Central that ran their episodes in the middle of the night (or, late at night) - Strip Mall, Strangers With Candy, Insomniac. No idea why I was thinking of those shows, but...yea.

I don't watch TV anymore, and don't miss it. And I have never even seen an episode of Games of Thrones OR Breaking Bad, but I figure enough people have seen those shows for me, so, nothing is "missed".

The coffee is good.

And, the coffee is done :)

So now I am extra awake at 5:00 AM. I would be doing laundry at 6:00, but that got finished yesterday, so no worries there.

Yea, as usual at this hour, I am wordless. Mostly from being groggy first thing in the morning. Sleeping for roughly 2 hours total doesn't help, either. No idea why that happened. I usually sleep for 5-7 hours, so...this is rare these days.

When 9:00 rolls around, I will fetch groceries. Much needed. Should be a decent day for a walk.

back soon