from 4:30 to 6:30…hmmm.nnI flipped on the AC before going to bed, so it *was* a cold sleep (as I like it), but, it didn’t “stick”. So, now I am having iced coffee, awaiting the sun to rise, but it is overcast so it may just lighten up, without it becoming actually “sunny”. Tomorrow is sunshine, though.nnI need to take an Amoxicillin here shortly, too, as it has been eight hours since the last one. And on that note, the tooth is feeling ok, for now. I took two regular strength Motrin upon waking up, because there was *some* pain there, but nothing that was intolerable or anything like that (I honestly think the nerve-endings are dead there due to the Night From Hell(TM) where I essentially passed out from mild shock due to throbbing and lack of Tylenol).nnAnd on the subject of this tooth, it is the *very* back, upper-right molar and it runs right along the sinus cavity (I think I mentioned this), but it is “impacted” by the wisdom tooth next to it (slightly), and the whole bit is a little weird. The dentist said he was “confident” about removing it, said he can do it just fine. But, “if money were no issue”, that I could consider an oral surgeon for the procedure. Money *is* an issue (oral surgeons are probably insanely expensive – and I’m broke), so I *did* make the follow-up appointment for the procedure, and I will do it there (in Hillsboro).nnThe sun is slowly rising now, the sky gets lighter outside through my blinds. The police/firemen who usually arrive at the apartment complex across the street all throughout the night withOUT their sirens blaring are now not so discreet, and they have their cherries wailing as they go to arrest meth incidents, or administer Narcam to junkies, or break up noise complaints, or whatever else hellborn anarchy occurs on that property. I swear, in St Louis, you go down two blocks and everything is as peaceful and quiet as can be, walk two more and it becomes Liberia. I don’t know what is in the water in this town.nnJust another morning here. Back soon.

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