I slept from 11-ish until 12:30, and now it is 2:30 all of a sudden! Haha! I honestly do not know what I have been doing for the past two hours besides smoking a pipe and consuming a small meal of oranges. Like a blackout or some shit. Odd.

Anyway, all the same. I am making coffee now (that will perhaps keep me more "astute"?) and writing some stuff about some stuff because life is worth writing about, I suppose.

Tomorrow the Wyze floor lamp arrives (allegedly), as it is in St Peters, Missouri, but, it was there a few days ago and then made the trek to Charlotte, NC. and is now back to SP, so who knows where it will be sent off to next? Hopefully my front door!

The coffee in question is Schnucks instant, even though I have Folgers instant and TC instant and Dollar Tree instant in the cabinet. I am good to go on coffee for a while. I've just been picking some up every time I am out or put in an order somewhere, because it's sort of a life necessity at this point.

I got caught up in a scrollfest earlier with some old photos on VSCO Cam (which most people have long since forgotten since it's (brief) popularity in 2011 or so). I remembered an old username for an account I had, then remembered I had this VSCO account (which I deleted), but not before scrolling through the "following" list I had curated on the app once upon a time (quite some years ago). And as I was looking at the photos, I thought: "man, I can't stand photography!" LMAO! I mean, I like that people like photography, or do photography, or are photographers, but I can't find a thing to like about it. Same goes for professional (or amateur) sports. Just... can't care less about it/them.

Then (of course) to reinforce my own "self justification" or my own use of time (in life), I started to think about why writing is so great, or why I write so much, or if it (writing) truly is a valuable use of one's time, and if it is a thing that should be taken so seriously (by me, or by anyone). And I figure: yea, it's like anything - I could fix vacuum cleaners for a living, or manage a company, or roast coffee beans, or be a career academic, or write shit a lot, or snap photos for people - it all works out to what one puts value in. Makes little difference what that (valuable) thing is, just as long as one puts something into it, gets something out of it. It could be literally anything.

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