I decided on a final arrangement of my living room. It is not unsimilar to what I had in mind before. I will simply use the new TV (when I get it, early-January) as a (very large) display for the laptop, and that is it. I thought about, looked at, and even saved some TV stands on Wayfair, and realized that that is simply going to far, and my apartment is simply too small to be accommodating all this extra BS. The desk (whenever it arrives) can easily accommodate the TV (turned monitor), as well as the laptop + keyboard + mouse + mousepad + several other things should I choose (such as a mug of coffee!). There’s room, but the *rest* of the apartment has NO room in terms of yet another piece of furniture (especially something as large as an entertainment unit). And even then, I am making compromises – I will be putting the new faux fireplace in the bedroom (I think), as that would free up the most space in the living room, and keep things looking uncluttered/tidy. Plus the chair just “*belongs*” in that corner, no matter how I slice it.nnThe large display will be a somewhat welcome change. One, because it is free. Two, because it can easily double as a TV (which is what it is, originally!), as it is a 40 inch unit. Three, because it is *much* easier to do dev work on a large display than a small 13 inch display. Four, this particular TV has a fair amount of I/O on the back, allowing me to do hella stuff with it (unlike my $110 ViewSonic monitor I had some time back that had almost NO ports other than VGA and HDMI – not even USB-A on that POS). Five, a remote control makes things even easier! nnSo, lot’s of neat stuff.nnI am making a conscious effort to keep my apartment uncluttered and clear (for me, mentally), so I do not have to consolidate all this *extra* stuff as to what goes where and in what arrangement and yada yada yada.nnImportant to do so.

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