Thinking about how I wish my leg would get better (though, it is not “hurting” in any consistent sense, just when I step the wrong way when I walk, or don’t walk slowly/deliberately). It could be a “severe Charlie Horse”, or damage done from a terrible cramp. Or, it could be that I “pulled” something, and it will get better over time. But at this point I have no idea. It sucks, for the time being, for sure.nnAnyway, the coffee I had just now was very nice. And we are at 33F here in St Louis, just a tad above freezing, but it will GET below-freezing before the sun rises, for sure. I have the heat cranked, and sitting in the easy chair, getting through the night just fine.nnThe Home Depot order has not shipped, yet, but hopefully soon (that is, the space heater/faux fireplace). The jeans: shipped. The tobacco: shipped. The Xmas gift I ordered: *not* shipped. The Etsy wall tapestry: *not* shipped (but they warned up front that it would take a good while if I am in the U.S.).nnSo, all in good timennBack later

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