I zonked the fxxx out after that second CBD gummie, lol! I mean, I was likely just going to go to bed anyway (it was 10:00), but I happened to have a gummie before I went to bed, and...yea - slept like a baby for four hours.

Now, coffee. And writing.

Tuesday. Tuesday I go and print off the proper paperwork I need for my taxes, and then I mail said paperwork from my apartment to the tax lady in Crystal City, Missouri. The printing will occur at the 'rents house, but I will not mail it from there, because I do not want there to be any type of confusion in regards to where to mail the check (tax return) to. In fact, I am going to put a small note in the envelope and request that they hold onto the tax return and I will go and get it from them. I don't want to risk anything getting held up in the mail.

Also Tuesday, I am going to pick up the 'rents Dyson vacuum and come back here and vacuum the entirety of my apartment, and then just hang onto the vacuum for a few days after that, so I am not running it right back downstairs on the same day. It's quite a large (and heavy!), expensive vacuum, so I cannot borrow it long term or anything like that. Just a one-time deal, really. And I need to buy a vacuum sometime (soon), too. And since I am doing the "heavy lifting" vacuuming with the Dyson now, in Feb., then maybe it would be a good time to pick up a Dirt Devil or Bissle (sp?) or Black & Decker stick vacuum in March? I have decided against a Monoprice or Wyze vacuum (the reviews on them suck - because the vacuums DON'T suck!), and also decided against a Dyson stick vacuum for myself, because the SOB's run at $300 starting, usually. So, I will likely go with the Dirt Devil that I saw on their site that had 230+ positive reviews, very few negative reviews, and was rated at 4.5 stars. It's half the price of the cheapest Dyson, too!

I wouldn't exactly say the March budget is accounted for, though. Yes, the vacuum is happening, and I will be putting more money into the Parody Project (incl the switch to DNSimple from horrible GoDaddy), but aside from that, most of the budget is free'd up for me to do whatever :)

Man, this coffee is good!

back soon