I wiped down the kitchen with Lysol Wipes, started dishes, organized the junk drawer, pitched random paperwork, organized the different cards I have gathered away over time (whether I use them or not) - e.g. Venmo card (will never be used, I am sure), Revolut card (can't figure out how to put $$ on it, at the moment), laundromat card - and I put the "necessary" ones in my wallet, and put the others aside for now. But I am keeping them!

I also threw away some old stubs/recipts (which I somehow still had). Cleaned out old physical journals (which had about two pages filled, each), and just pitched the filled pages, and kept the remainder of the journals. I also did a once-over to all of my "essential" paperwork - birth certificate, Social Security card, COVID vax card - and I put all of those things in a nice plastic bag (which I had for some time), and took out old/useless paperwork from within said bag.

I also pitched the USB-A dongle for the Logitech MX Keys keyboard, as I no longer own that, and I forgot it even existed (it is not necessary at all - the BT works great on it). I pitched a USB-A to USB-C dongle I had, because I do not own anything that takes USB-A. I consolidated some wires and whatnot into the heavy duty case that contains the 1TB SSD.

And that is about all

I will clean up the bathroom a bit later.

And I also put all my physical "jots" (reminders, appointments) into a dedicated folder on Standard Notes in the #general section, because I do not need to have a physical notebook, probably ever (unless inspired to write longform - which is never as far as handwriting goes).

back soon