I was just gonna share this tomorrow, but I’ll share it tonight – I uploaded Issue. 9 of [The Zine Around The Corner](https://write.as/tmo/zine), and it took two(2) hours to assemble! Usually I compile a zine issue in about 45 mins to an hour, but from the start, I was trying to do a photo collage (as mentioned in a previous post) with the cover, and that did not work out at all. So I went with a recent photo, added text and whatnot, and then put the photo in Google Docs, and then added the rest. nnIt has the [Billionaire haiku series](https://write.as/tmo/haiku) that I wrote earlier today (on an odd whim), as well as the [Tidbits On Blogging](https://write.as/tmo/tidbits-on-blogging-a-takeaway-from-bloggers-on-blogging) thing I put together the other morning (at 6:00 AM, pre-coffee, on another odd whim). There are also a couple of other bloggo posts within the zine from the past week or so.nnJust on a creative writing kick lately, and I am happy with that. Not much *writing* went into the compilation of the zine, as I just had to write the Forward and the Outro (like all issues), but the compiling process takes long enough as is!nnI still haven’t jumped into the physical/IRL distribution of the zine yet, as I do not know of an outlet willing to sell (or even give away) a personally made “per-zine” (personal zine), but if/when I find one, I will start printing it.nnHell, maybe I’ll just print a few copies and put them in the laundromat here at the apartment complex? I don’t care, it’s better than nothing!nnMore on that laternn

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