Would it be considered “seasonal depression” if the radical mood change resulted in feeling good/better about most things most of the time? Or just “seasonal attitude shifts”? Like the Nirvana lyrics, “weather changes mood”. Indeed.nn**subterranean person**nnI feel different. Like having been “out of the loop” and “unread” for so long (by having left social media in late-2019), and also not reading news other than what sometimes comes across my way in a search result, and by not “seeking out” anything about anything, I sort of feel like a “subterranean person”. Like I am completely amiss in what is said, talked about, and understood by most people in most places.nnSo, I sort of feel like a freak most of the time. Online and offline. Of course most of what is said/discussed holds no special interest for me, or for anyone, and I still can’t grasp why people feel the innate need to **see** and **know** everything that happens everywhere with no respite or break from that.nnbut whatever

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