So, some stuff for the evening:nn- as I [mentioned earlier](https://write.as/tmo/out-of-the-clear-blue-sky), I got the Amtrak refund for the failed trip out west (a day stranded in North Dakota, and then another (would be) detour in White Fish, Montana where I left the trip and then made my way (eventually) back to St Louis justified the $266 refund, I think)nn- so I paid a couple late bills (small bills)nn- then I went ahead and ordered very affordable, very nice estate pipe from Etsy, as I am without a tobacco pipe at the momentnn- and then I ordered some tobacco from TobaccoPipes(.com) (+ pipe cleaners + a pipe tamper). Excited to try this blend, as it is a Virginia/Perique blend (which is what I usually order), but it has cigar leaf in it, so that will be interestingnn- I also went ahead and ordered a thin crust ‘za from Dominoes, because I didn’t feel like cooking, and it was too late in the evening to do a(nother) jaunt to Schnucks. I never go after the sun has set.nnThings that didn’t happen:nn- I didn’t get an e-mail response to the inquiry I had regarding the writing training (which is status quo for me – anything I’ve ever attempted to do in regards to “professional” or even formal writing has always backfired in my face. A thing never meant to be). But, I will follow up with them, and see what they say.nn- I didn’t get any e-mails in regards to the CL posting for the speakers I am selling. Renewed the post, but people are still not interested. I am assuming because it is not listed on Facebook Marketplace – jerks.nn…but, tomorrow I will go to Schnucks and get some mandatory “life things”. And in the meantime I can look forward to the estate pipe and tobacco arriving in the mail. I picked up a carton of cigs earlier to hold me over in the meantime.nnI still have MANY things to buy, too. Not as in “luxury items”, but as in day-to-day necessities. All is good there :)nnback soon

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