Or, it will be 10:00 by the time I hit "Publish" on this post.

Not that I have anything of particular interest to say, just feeling generally good, but tired. And I think it is the medication making me a little bit tired, which is fine by me. That (usually) means it is working properly. If I had high energy, then it is (usually) a telltale sign that the medication is working adversely in my system. At least that is the case with psych medication - but don't take my word on it, as I am not an expert.

Anyway, I am having coffee to subvert the tiredness. A tiredness which I will not fight after I've had coffee, and if I still feel tired after having drank said coffee, then so be it - I will go to sleep.

So how is my world? How is my life? What's the scoop?

That's the entirety of the blog/journal, of course, but, there are some specifics I've noticed that I want to remark on here:

  • I've decided to go the entirety of late-Spring through early-Fall wearing Xero Shoes sandals - no socks. Because that is most comfortable for me in warm weather. Exceptions only made for days that I am hiking.
  • I also decided that I will try to go a whole month this Summer eating nothing but fruit. I will slowly ease into it, but I have gone six days before in the Summertime where I ate nothing but fruit, and I can do it, I just have to have committment to the "diet" (even though it is not a traditional "diet", as people (fruitarians) go years eating only fruit and it works out just fine, if they know what they are doing).

So, I suppose from these two things I've noticed/been thinking a lot about, I am in some ways becoming a hippy. Though, I've always felt like a once-was type of hippy, because of frequent psychedelic drug use as a teenager.

Anyway, just wanted to put that out there. And also the coffee is not particularly keeping me awake, and it is now past 10:00, so I will hit "Publish" and zonk out.

back soon