I am surprised i slept as long as I did. I probably would have kept sleeping, too, but I woke up 20 minutes ago, baking from the heater raising the apartment temp to 79F! I have the heater OFF and the fan ON now, trying to the cool the place (and me) down.nnNo plans for tomorrow (or, later today), I will be inside the majority of the day, staying off the leg. This morning, I am just having a pop and some VA/Per tobacco, messing around online, writing.nnGotta say, as much as I was relieved (briefly) from “having” to have web dev activities on the back of my mind for a few days (when I thought my WiFi was fxxxed), now I am simply *missing* the opportunity to do dev stuff whenever I want to. I mean, I am glad I still had that “hard reset” state of mind, and was able to take a step back and realize where I am/where I am going, but, now I just want to hop back in to the whole thing, as it is one of the most time consuming (and fun!) activities I can be doing. Sitting around and watching paint dry is *never* fun, and is downright maddening. I mean, I guess the next week and a half I will have time to focus on other things, to a certain degree, but it isn’t like anything in life would go by the wayside if I were doing dev stuffs.nnHaving my nose to the (dev) grindwheel *can* be a good thing, sometimes. Other times, I just want to take a breath of fresh air to evaluate/re-evaluate what the hell is going on. I think by the time the two week “fresh air break” is up, I will have had my fill of re-evaluation time, and be ready to clog my brain with more detailed protocol and nuanced Computer Science stuff, haha.nnAnyway, gonna stop drinking this syrupy pop and put on some hot, dark, bold coffee (which is better for me, anyway), and try to wake myself up proper, think of some stuff to occupy my time for this AM.nnBack later.

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